we are all animals
Our message: We Are All Animals
Our main goal is to teach children to love and care about the animals that live in our planet
We always present our little black character dressed as different animals to show that:
We are all animals
Hand Made
All our products are hand made
We believe in helping our local community´s economy
We believe in hand made things
Sustainable Materials
All our products are made with sustainable materials
Recycled cotton, recycled cardboard, eco paper, etc
No Plastic
Our Brand Philosophy
Wenimals is a company committed to care about the planet and spread environmental education among kids. Our goal is to teach children that we are all animals while playing and having fun. Making them aware that all animals have a place in this planet, and it´s everyone´s duty to protect those who have neither voice nor vote. Protecting the animals is protecting the planet. All while playing and having fun.
Wenimals comes from our motto “We Are All Animals”, something we deeply believe in. We are all equal, pandas, koalas, lions, humans ... and we all have a common duty to preserve our home, planet earth, so that we all have our place. This is why the Wenimals are always presented with an inner character dressed as an animal, who teaches us that, deep down, we are all the same.
Our Crochet Toys
Our toys are all hand made with 100% cotton.
They come in a recycled cardboard packaging and an educational card that explain information about the animal that they represent.
Deery, Walry, Pandy… discover them all in our shop.
With our posters you can decorate your children´s room with a message of love for your little one´s favorite animal.
Beezy, Pandy, Castory what is your favorite for this special decoration?
Our Doudou Collection
We just launched a new line of doudous for babies.
Always with the head of our cute characters and a super soft fabric.
We will send it to your home with a 100% recycled cotton tote bag.
Our Art Heritage
Did you knew Wenimals were born into the art world?